Palestine Needs Help & The World Is Silent

‘Palestine, a land that was created for peace but never saw a peaceful day’. A land that owns the 3rd most holy place in the religion of Islam. A land that was and is rightfully of the Palestinians but israel occupied it and that too ILLELAGY. israel right now is trying to evict the Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah — Here’s a timeline of how that came to be:

  • In 1948, Israel was established, israelis displaced over 700,000 Palestinians, known as the Nakba (catastrophe).
  • In 1956, Palestinian refugee families moved to the Karm Al-Ja’ouni area of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem which was under Jordan’s control at the time.
  • In 1967, when israel annexed large swathes of the west bank — including East Jerusalem — Sheikh Jarrah was put under full israeli control
  • In 1970, the Israeli government enacted the Legal and Administrative Matters Law, which exclusively allows Jewish israelis to pursue claims to land and property allegedly owned by the Jewish population in the East Jerusalem before the establishment of the state of israel in 1948
  • In 1972, the israeli custodian general used this law to transfer ownership of Sheikh Jarrah to two Jewish committees. Those committees sold the land to Nahalat Simon International, a settler organization in the 1990’s who have been trying to evict residents ever since.
  • In 2009, 67 people per evicted from Sheikh Jarrah by the israeli police.
  • Since then, Nahalat Shimon International has been transparent about it’s plan to evict the rest of Palestinians from this area to clear space for israeli settlements.
  • israeli courts have ruled that by May 2, 2021, six Palestinian families will have to leave this area, followed by seven in August.

Now you may want to know what ‘Sheikh Jarrah’ is. Sheikh Jarrah is a Palestinian neighborhood in the occupied East Jerusalem. Now under International Law, East Jerusalem legally belongs to the Palestinian territories but israel has occupied it illegally for decades now and nobody has done anything about it that’s why it’s called ‘the occupied East Jerusalem’ .

Many people call this a “conflict”. Well let me correct you, it’s not. It’s Ethnic cleansing. Genocide. Oppression. Apartheid. Brutality. Illegal Occupation. Colonialism. Zionism. State Sanctioned Violence. CALL IT WHAT IT IS!

In continuation of when I mentioned about the Sheikh Jarrah part. Now, lets talk about how israel is currently shooting and violently attacking Palestinian worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Now you may have a question in mind. What and where is Al-Aqsa Mosque?

Al-Aqsa is the third most holy site in Islam. It’s a huge open space with multiples indoor praying areas but the entire compound is called ‘Al-Aqsa’. Al-Aqsa is located in the old city of Jerusalem.

Legally Palestine has the ownership of Al-Aqsa, that’s how it’s supposed to be. But in 1967, israel took control over East Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories which included Al-Aqsa, the Muslim quarter, and all the neighborhoods outside the old city like Sheikh Jarrah.

What happened in the Al Aqsa Mosque in the last nights of Ramadan (the Holy month of Muslims)?

Al-Aqsa was jam-packed with Palestinian Muslims praying together, while they were praying at Al-Aqsa, israeli police barged their way into the Al-Aqsa compound with guns and FULL protective gear and started shooting rubberized steel bullets and throwing stun grenades at the Palestinians who were praying at their mosque. They also threw stun grenades in the market place at the Palestinians who were not even doing anything. Then they broke into the actual Mosques, the indoor areas and started punching the glass doors down, walking in with their shoes, which isn’t allowed in Mosques and then they continue to throw stun grenades inside the Mosques, indoors, close the doors and block it so that the Palestinians can’t get out. This left hundreds of Palestinians, extremely injured. Then the israeli police decided to throw stun grenades at Palestinian medics. So now, the medics could barely take care of the injured people.

Now you could be wondering about what the connection between the Al-Aqsa attacks and Sheikh Jarrah. Now as I’ve already mentioned about israel illegally controlling all over Al-Aqsa and East Jerusalem. So what israel does is use the Al-Aqsa Mosque as a way to control the Palestinian people. So when the Palestinians protest or rebel against israeli government, israel attacks Al-Aqsa- to send a message to the Palestinians that if they wont stop protesting and rebelling, they would take away Al-Aqsa from the Palestinians. israel knows it’s our soft spot, its our(Muslims)Holy Site, we have to protect it. They’ve been using Al-Aqsa as a tool to suppress Palestinian rights since 1967 when they illegally took control over Al-Aqsa, East Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories. So now what does that have to do with Sheikh Jarrah. Sheikh Jarrah is supposed to be a Palestinian land but israel is forcing Palestinians to leave their homes so that israeli settlers can move in. And as a result, hundreds of Palestinians have been protesting in Sheikh Jarrah trying to physically protect the Palestinians who are about to get kicked out of their homes. And what does israel do when Palestinians protest? They attack Al-Aqsa. That’s what happening now and has always happened in the past.

israel has been bombing and killing innocent people of Palestine and the world is silent about it. Justice has to take place and it will take place one day inshaAllah.

You need to understand. This isn’t only a Muslim issue, it’s human injustice.

What you can do to help Palestine and the Palestinians:

  • Share. Sharing posts on social media does more than you think
  • Educate the younger generation. Tell them about it’s called Palestine and not israel
  • Talk about it with your friends and family.

Dua for Palestine (translated into english)

Oh Allah, rectify the affairs of the Muslims in Palestine! Oh Allah, rectify the affairs of the Muslims in Palestine and in every place, Oh Lord of Majesty and Bounty!

Allah stands with Palestine and Palestine will be free one day InshaAllah.

My intention to write this blog was to make people understand and open their eyes. And this blog wasn’t possible without me taking help from the words of Subhi Taha. Who you can check out on instagram at @ subhi.taha. He is actively taking part in talking about what’s happening in Palestine. May God bless him and may the blinded ones see the reality. Palestine will be free ❤



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